Decades of Customers Contentment

Since 1983, ‘Asian Paints the largest paint company in Nepal‘, had launched its first exclusive Color World showroom, M/S Apurva International at Teku. With around 1,800 shades to choose from, the Color World a unique paint shop. Shades are made from Automatic Tinting Machines, whose computerized tinting process ensures that the shade is consistent over time.

To keep abreast of world technology, Asian Paints had incorporated the latest ERP systems from SAP AG of Germany. The organization is ISO 9000 compliant and had started its journey towards six sigma quality processes. With numbers of years passed by reasons why customers are particularly happy with our work which include:

Source:- Asian Paints Nepal

1. Excellent customer service

Being a professional painting company from the first contact, we assure to give you a quality job. We have been helping with professional advice on paint color selection and finish. With respect, our paint pro’s painters have been careful in protecting the building from damage during the work.

2. Reliable and value for money

Successfully we have been completing the job within the program allocated. As promised from color quality to longevity, more often than not, High Quality Paints or premium products produce better results. We provide a competitive price for the work requested. Exterior surfaces also call for high quality paint that can withstand the abuse of the changing weather conditions. Premium paints can last up to twice as long as a less expensive paint, even harsh conditions, without chipping, cracking, or fading.

3. Attention to detail 

Paint luxury homes, small cottage, or historic buildings from refurbishing to the new paint job, we ensure superb paintwork cleaning and painting tools and materials of balustrades, doors, windows, ceilings, walls.

4. Quality end result

In short, paint quality definitely matters. From color quality to longevity, more often than not, higher priced paints or premium products are going to produce better results, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever get away with a less expensive paint. Also, the team has been demonstrating their considerable expertise in painting place looks as good as new. Our team has always been impeccably tidy and cleaned up after finishing.

5. Trust and more trusts

The company to measure the present level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in Asian paints has been using simple random sampling under the probability sampling method and used a structured questionnaire for collecting information. Last and important, with all trust of our customers, we have been competitively running ahead with the completion of 38 years of service in Nepal and still opt for further progress. 

Source:- Asian Paints Nepal

3 Factors to consider before picking paint for kids’ room

Color of the surrounding affects psychology. Especially as kids are extra sensitive, one needs to be careful while planning their personal space.  So, before rushing to prepare a surprise for kids, one should have ideas about how it not just beautifies the room but affect the state of mind as well. With right shades having the capability to soothe, heal, inspire, and bring change in mood, and the opposite with the wrong one, one should pick wall paints keeping multiple things into consideration. Some of them that should be considered but are not being in Nepal are:

1.        Age

As kids’ grow, their choice and interests change. It can happen over a minute or might take years. For newborns or toddlers who cannot pick it up for themselves, one can research and go with warm and soft shades like soft pink, blue, creamy peaches, etc. Strong, bright, and intense color is a big no as it can disturb their sleep with its vibe. The dark color can also induce nightmares.

For older kids, the shades that emit positive vibes are the best ones. It helps them concentrate better. After that stage, while going through teenage – when they develop physically, emotionally, and mentally – one should ask them about their preferences. Even if they are into black, it is considerable mixing it with fluorescent bright. Another option can be bold blue with citrus green for a tranquil environment.

2.        Gender

Not just age, gender plays a big role in affecting color preferences too. One should not stick to pink for girls and blue for boys. As parents, it is a responsibility to appreciate the choices their kids make and go accordingly. However, before applying it, make sure it is a shade compatible for them and does not affect their mental health. If it does, one can discuss it with them and choose the healthy one.

3.        Skill

One, as a kid, might be willing to draw and scribble themselves over the walls. If they do, encouraging them is the best option. What is more beautiful than letting the artist inside them out? Maybe just because of this little step, they might get the courage to unveil the artist inside them in the future. One might worry about how the room might look a mess if allowed to do so. One option is to apply high quality paints with gloss over it so it is easily removable with just water and wet cloth. It is easily available in the stores near you in Nepal.

What to do with excess paint?

Painting is full-on capable of modifying the outlook of any room. Plus, it is the easiest and most economical way to do so. Homeowners often experiment with different paint color ideas that personify the culture of Nepal. After all the trial and errors, mixing and matching, you may end up with extra paint. There is a chance it might look like waste but here’s how you can turn this waste into worth.


  1. Think before you discard

Wall paints are not bio-degradable so, if you are discarding it, make sure you do not do it as like normal garbage. Especially with cheap paints color, there is a chance it might contain toxic substances. It adds more problems along with drainage problems as well as poison the soil and water sources in Nepal, where there is enough problem already.

  1. Store for future

Latex paint is usable for up to 10 years if stored properly, and even more if it is oil-based. You need to seal it properly and store it in not too hot or cold temperature, in dry place. You can pick it up any time to freshen up your walls with a fresh coat, especially when the surface is stained and cannot be cleaned up.

Make sure to label the container properly with the date of purchase, approximate remaining quantity, and its color code.

  1. Donate

If there is no place to store, consider donating it to someone who would make good use of it. Donating does not always mean for “good cause type”. Though, it is always a good thing to do. You can give it away to anyone like your friend, family, or neighbors who might be wanting to paint their walls but not doing so due to budget constraint. You can also reach out to local school or people in need.

Why dark color can be the one for your room?

People often do not like to opt for darker shades. Some do not due to their old beliefs of it bringing in bad omen to house, especially black color. Others are too afraid to experiment. Lighter wall colors are our top preferences as we are too used to it and know how it looks.  But, in this era of experimentation, should we really keep ourselves away from potential transformation dark wall paints can bring? Why should dark be your new favorite choice in Nepal? For drama it creates.

Wall paints

Wall Paints

Dark hue circulates drama, excitement, and energy in the space. As lighter shades have become old-fashioned and dull, it can never spread vibe darker ones do. However, if you are impressed by the idea of it, do not jump into the strongest shade. Choose the right one for you with a calm head.

But, how to choose one?

Simple. Just pick the ones that can mix in with your current décor. You can also choose to redesign the whole room or change the stuff in the room such as curtains, tablecloth, etc. as per the color of your choice. Changing the whole room is capable of creating even more drama. If you think you are ready for this, let’s get started with how to break free from old plain monochromatic shades and add contrast to your environment as well as your life.

  • If you are up for extreme, go all black with dark colored curtains. You can add deep hued artifacts to put up a show on the walls.
  • If you are not, combine black with lighter shades. It can surprise you how black can go with any color.

However, these are not the only options for your walls. You can also go with other deeper shades of blue, red, green, and other hues of your choice to make it feel even more luxurious and comfortable in Nepal.

Painting solution for busy people – Paint Total Service

Have you been thinking of painting your new home or workplace, or even just freshening up the old one but been postponing it due to lack of time? Are you finding yourself busy while your walls desperately call for paints? Are you finding it hard to leave it all to contractors because you are too caught up in your work to monitor them? If your answer is yes, our Paint Total is a service you need available in Nepal.

What is Paint Total Service?

Paint Total Service is a professional and hassle-free end-to-end painting service, especially designed for people with no time to monitor contractors assigned for painting tasks every day.

We know about the difficulties while dealing with local contractors who do not stick to their deadlines and budget. To solve this problem, our Paint Total service is a perfect medium.

We offer you such a hassle-free and professional experience keeping your worries about painter or contractor at bay while ensuring a high-quality job. You may have a question asking “why to use Asian Paints Nepal Paint Total service?”

  1. It is hassle-free, which means you can relax while our professionals complete your work.
  2. It is reliable and trust able.
  3. Our painters are specially trained for the job.
  4. We use mechanized tools to make sure the job completes in time in a dust-free environment.
  5. We do not compromise on quality. We can assure you about that.
  6. Pricing and measurements are transparent, which means you can plan your budget beforehand.
  7. We complete the assigned tasks on time.
  8. We also do pre-site supervision and post-site maintenance and cleaning service

If you want to avail this service, please SMS “EZY” to “36677”. We are available in these cities of Nepal – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Hetauda, Birgunj, Damak, Biratnagar, Butwal, and Itahari.

Basic checklist for your shopping before painting

To save yourself from running to stores over and over again in the middle of your painting projects, make a checklist. It enables you to go the paint dealer nearby and grab everything you need in one go. So, what can be the things basic things a painter need during the project in Nepal?


Before you start painting, you need to estimate how much paint you need. To calculate, you need to know size of the area. So, first take required measurements and take it with you to the store. The store person will calculate right amount of paint you need. A gallon of paint, usually, covers 400 square feet of wall space.

High-quality paint

Always opt for high quality paints as they tend to last long as well as are easy to apply. Not just that, such paints are also cost-friendly in the long term. It can cost you a bit more in Nepal but saves you from repainting time to time and sometimes, just a coat of it is enough, which saves time as well.Shades Nepal

High-quality brushes

With high-quality paint, you need high-quality brushes too for similar results. Go with 3 inches wide angled brush to cut corners. Pick one with synthetic bristles, especially, when you are working with water-based paints.


Pick roller covers and roller frames to pick up the pace and paint evenly.

Painter’s tape

Get painter’s tape to save yourself from accidental paint slip as well as to paint in a straight line – neatly and professionally.

Drop cloths

Buy drop cloths or tear old clothes and lay them on the floor to prevent paint from dripping anywhere you do not want it.

These are the basic things you would need for your project. You can grab other things like primers, sponge, etc. as per your need.

Create a Beautiful Nursery For your Newborn

If you are expecting a baby soon, surely you must be super excited about it. How about recreating your room to a nursery for your baby? You do not necessarily need to follow the mainstream, painting it blue or pink. Instead, you can paint it with some other cheerful wall colors that are perfect in Nepal for a new born. Let your inner child out and design a perfect environment as a gesture of a warm welcome for your child with paints. When you are painting, keep in mind that babies love the different color, shapes, and patterns. Let your imagination soar high and create a space your kid would love to be in.

If you are planning to stick with blue or pink, no problem. You can be creative with it too, adding patterns and textures as well as by applying modern painting techniques such as sponging or ragging to soften the look of the walls and enhance its appearance in Nepal. Do you want to be more creative? Add light stripes with the alternate rows, choosing the color from the wide range of lighter or pleasantly neutral shades.

However, if you think you just have stripes in the option while working with these advanced paints, you are wrong. You are free to draw any shapes you find fancy like polka dots, hearts, flowers, etc. If you are skilled or hiring a professional, you can even draw cartoon characters to make it look cool and even create or buy stencils from the stationary shop or department stores in Nepal to create the perfect shape. Department stores might also have unpainted wooden letters and numbers which you can buy, paint and hang in the room writing your baby’s name, date of birth, or some wise and sweet quotes.

While you take care of the four walls, do not forget the fifth wall that is a ceiling as babies spend most of their time laying on their backs. You can be as imaginative as you want with it. For example, you can create a faux sky and clouds on the blue ceiling with white base sponging off the blue plain or painting white clouds on the blue ceiling which would look exquisite in a nursery room. You can even opt for glow in the dark wall paints available in Nepal to create the whole galaxy in the ceiling.

After you are done with painting the walls and ceiling, find some good art pieces to hang there. You can look for other baby photos that would make the walls look cute and make people go “aww” and other art pieces as well that you can hang seasonally.

You can go as much as creative as you want to create a warm and cozy place for your baby. Just remember that color, shape, and patterns can make a big change in the nursery you are creating and create a happy space at home in an easy way.

Fixing Minor Painting Problems

Nobody is perfect and we cannot guarantee that we would accomplish whatever goal we set perfectly. It applies while we paint too. Sometimes it does not go as we planned. However, you do not need to worry. We have got ways to fix the several painting mistakes like stains, drips, brush marks, etc. that occurs while painting your house in Nepal. For this task, you will need tools like sandpaper, drop cloths, scraper, roller, paint brushes and sander and materials like wood sealer, paint, top coat, stain blocker or oil-based undercoat, chemical stripper, and primer.

  • Drips: It usually occurs if the brush is overloaded with paint while applying it on the walls. It may look ugly, but you can mend it easily. For that, scrape it using a scraper, until the area is smooth and sand it with sand paper before repainting.
  • Stains: In case you have skipped this prime step of using primer, stains are likely to appear on the walls. However, it is not the sole reason. Even mildew can result in stains, but do not worry as you can fix this easily. Clean the area with Trisodium phosphate or cleaner, and leave it to dry. Afterward, apply oil-based paint or stain blocker on the affected area, and after it has dried, paint the top coat of high quality paints available in Nepal.
  • Rough finish: If the surface has rough finishes, it is probably due to improper preparation of the surface. In case you are using old paints, make sure to sieve and decant it as the gritty paint can ruin the look of the walls. If it is already gritty, sand it, clean the dust with a piece of cloth, and finally apply a top coat of best paints you have or buy it from the paint stores near you in Nepal.
  • Wrinkled paint: It causes when the wall paints do not get enough time to dry and dries quickly, especially due to the high temperature in Nepal. To fix this, you have to strip, sand and re-paint the wall. First, strip the paint using chemical, following it by sanding and then repainting.
  • Brush marks: When the paint is applied in a wrong way, it leaves brush mark making the surface look uneven. To fix it, sand the area and clean it off with a piece of damp cloth. Repaint the walls with a top coat and wooden surfaces with natural wood finish available in Nepal making sure to apply the stain with the grain while keeping the edges wet.

5 tips to design a comfortable and safe living room for kids

Are you planning to re-design a perfect living room for your kids? When you think of kids, obviously you would think of ways to make the place safe yet beautiful for them, like by painting with high quality paints available in Nepal with less VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), better organizing the things, using bright colored accessories for their brighter moods and keeping sharp things away, etc. However, you do not need to sacrifice your beautiful interiors to create a place for kids. With these little changes, your living room would be enough to create a perfect kid friendly zone.asianpaints_wall_APN-Interior-Images-08

  1. Playful environment

Add in some bright, uplifting colored cushions, textiles or painting artifacts in the room to make it look interesting so that kids would love to stay in there. Rooms in Nepal that look fun and inviting keep them engaged and encourage them to be creative.

  1. Furniture with built-in storage

Furniture with built-in storage is a must-have for your living room, especially with children. You should probably get one to avoid the fussy room cluttered with all the kid’s toys, books and other things. You can tuck in all the stuff when not in use to keep it safely away from the reach of the kids. They look stylish, are extremely useful and come in different shades of wood in Nepal. Another plus point is that it becomes a support for your toddler when they are learning to walk.

  1. Artistic corner

Separate a corner for kids where they can busy themselves in realizing the artists within, while you are busy with your chores. Keep all their crafting materials ready for use such as pencil, paper, colour pencils or even marker and whiteboards along with table and chairs for them. You can also place popular board games and puzzles in Nepal such as Ludo, Snake and ladders, Monopoly, etc.

  1. A big sofa

The living room is where you would normally get together with your family to watch your favorite shows or for festive gatherings. You would want a sofa to sit comfortably that fits the whole family. Add up a long sofa with a darker color such as navy or charcoal or the one that matches up with your wall paints to add charm and bring out the best of your living room in Nepal.

  1. Rounded corners

Kids usually get themselves hurt by the edges of the furniture while playing around. If you are adding up the furniture make sure there are no sharp edges. These days you can also find the edge cover in the supermarkets that cover the edges, making it less dangerous for kids. You can use them as well.

What do you think about these tips? Do you have more tips like these? Share it in the comments.

Rules to follow while painting your walls

If you want to make the painting task on your walls painting task work well, you have to follow the rules and most importantly the technical details. If you do not follow the rules, all your hard work and money spent may go in vain. Therefore, the rule no. 1 is to strictly follow the rules. Read below to know what other things needs to be followed for an excellent result:

  1. Surface Preparation is a must

You must have come across this crucial step in painting quite often. It is actually important and strongly advised not to skip, a preliminary step that not only helps paint last longer but attain the perfect varnish. If the surface you are painting on has old flaking paint and cracks, then clean it up, mend the cracks and remove the flakes. You can scrub it off with sandpaper which you can buy from the wall paints store in Nepal. However, before you start painting, make sure to move or cover furniture with drop cloths to prevent it from splattering here and there.

  1. Use quality products and tools

Purchase high quality paints, brushes, rollers and other painting products available in Nepal to give a professional touch to your walls. The use of better tools and products also contributes in making the paint job better. These cost you a little bit more, but pays you back with interest in the form of durability and look. Do not compromise on the quality of the product, as the cheaper paints can cost you time and money in the long term.

  1. Quality primers are equally important

Usage of primers increases the life of paints and offers protection to the walls for your home in Nepal. Avoiding the use of primers would mean that you are risking your whole painting project from getting the perfect finish.

  1. Two coats is better than one

Make sure to apply at least two coats of wall paints after the first coat dries off well. One coat of paint is never enough to keep it intact for a long time. It will fade eventually. You do not want that to happen, do you?

  1. Advice from experts

Painting may seem easy when you prepare yourself for it is actually a very technical and complicated process. Even if you have done it multiple times in the past, many elements will be different from the last time such as colour scheme, designs, patterns, etc. If you think this is a challenge for completing the task with perfection, seek some expert advice to avoid paint failures before starting the job in Nepal.

Therefore, it is your choice: Follow the rules or break them.

Happy Painting!