What to do with excess paint?

Painting is full-on capable of modifying the outlook of any room. Plus, it is the easiest and most economical way to do so. Homeowners often experiment with different paint color ideas that personify the culture of Nepal. After all the trial and errors, mixing and matching, you may end up with extra paint. There is a chance it might look like waste but here’s how you can turn this waste into worth.


  1. Think before you discard

Wall paints are not bio-degradable so, if you are discarding it, make sure you do not do it as like normal garbage. Especially with cheap paints color, there is a chance it might contain toxic substances. It adds more problems along with drainage problems as well as poison the soil and water sources in Nepal, where there is enough problem already.

  1. Store for future

Latex paint is usable for up to 10 years if stored properly, and even more if it is oil-based. You need to seal it properly and store it in not too hot or cold temperature, in dry place. You can pick it up any time to freshen up your walls with a fresh coat, especially when the surface is stained and cannot be cleaned up.

Make sure to label the container properly with the date of purchase, approximate remaining quantity, and its color code.

  1. Donate

If there is no place to store, consider donating it to someone who would make good use of it. Donating does not always mean for “good cause type”. Though, it is always a good thing to do. You can give it away to anyone like your friend, family, or neighbors who might be wanting to paint their walls but not doing so due to budget constraint. You can also reach out to local school or people in need.

12 Paint tips to make your painting process easier

When we plan to paint for the first time, we fear about doing it wrong. If you are a first timer with a similar fear for your walls, fear not. We have got some tips to help you get through your painting project and make your time with wall paints more fun for you in Nepal.

  1. Buy just a single brush (two-and-a-half-inch angle brush with nylon or polyester bristles) of a good quality instead of many. Save money here and invest in some high quality paints.
  2. As soon as you finish painting, wash it up with soap and water to keep it in a good shape. If it hardens up, you are going to have hard time cleaning it up.
  3. Flip a five-gallon bucket, sit, and paint. You’ll save your legs from getting tired.
  4. If you prefer kneeling, strap on some gardening kneepads and get comfortable
  5. Punch holes over inner rim using a nail and a hammer to prevent paint from dripping down the side or pooling in the rim.
  6. Use the daylight to paint and keep the lights on to see the mistakes clearly.
  7. If it is a humid day, turn the AC cooler than usual to help paint dry faster.
  8. Open all the ventilation and save yourself from suffocation and headache paint smell causes.
  9. While painting higher surfaces, attach an extension pole to a roller to avoid doing up and down on ladder.
  10. You either prime properly, or you don’t. Prime it if it is an untouched drywall or plaster, if you are painting latex over oil-based, or if you are painting dark shades over lighter one.
  11. While working on the higher spaces, pour paint into an easy-to-hold container. Balancing paint tray up there usually means waiting for it to fall flat down. You definitely do not want a messy floor.
  12. If you spot some hardened paint clumps after everything has dried, get them off with razor blade or knife. Then, give it a quick dab of paint.

These tips can help you get though the hardships of juggling with paints. If you are not sure about doing it yourself or want to get the color right, get our experts of Asian Paints Nepal at your doorstep. SMS ‘FS’ to 36677. We are determined to make your home look special with our expertise. Give it a try.

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Painting solution for busy people – Paint Total Service

Have you been thinking of painting your new home or workplace, or even just freshening up the old one but been postponing it due to lack of time? Are you finding yourself busy while your walls desperately call for paints? Are you finding it hard to leave it all to contractors because you are too caught up in your work to monitor them? If your answer is yes, our Paint Total is a service you need available in Nepal.

What is Paint Total Service?

Paint Total Service is a professional and hassle-free end-to-end painting service, especially designed for people with no time to monitor contractors assigned for painting tasks every day.

We know about the difficulties while dealing with local contractors who do not stick to their deadlines and budget. To solve this problem, our Paint Total service is a perfect medium.

We offer you such a hassle-free and professional experience keeping your worries about painter or contractor at bay while ensuring a high-quality job. You may have a question asking “why to use Asian Paints Nepal Paint Total service?”

  1. It is hassle-free, which means you can relax while our professionals complete your work.
  2. It is reliable and trust able.
  3. Our painters are specially trained for the job.
  4. We use mechanized tools to make sure the job completes in time in a dust-free environment.
  5. We do not compromise on quality. We can assure you about that.
  6. Pricing and measurements are transparent, which means you can plan your budget beforehand.
  7. We complete the assigned tasks on time.
  8. We also do pre-site supervision and post-site maintenance and cleaning service

If you want to avail this service, please SMS “EZY” to “36677”. We are available in these cities of Nepal – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Hetauda, Birgunj, Damak, Biratnagar, Butwal, and Itahari.

Is your paint peeling off?

Are the paints on your wall peeling off? Homeowners in Nepal are often seen suffering from this problem of the peeling off of the layer of paint that come off as ribbons and sheets, whereas it was supposed to protect your home from elements of nature, and not leaving the home looking ugly and dull. Peeling off of paints should not be ignored as it signifies that you went wrong somewhere in the previous painting project. Therefore, you need to identify the reason for the same. Question yourself – What should you do about it? You may come up with numerous reasons for why paints peel off. Some of them occur due to the mistakes during the painting process, and some happen over time.

However, some other important reasons why you see peeled paints in Nepal are:

If you fail to prepare the surface before painting, such as not cleaning the surface properly, it can cause the paint to loosely adhere to the surface, further leading the paints to peel. It also happens if you use cheap paints colors of Nepal, which comes with low quality and a less-than-ideal adhesion and flexibility features.  Applying water-based paints or latex paints during the wrong weather such as very hot or very cold or in windy weather can also hinder the paint from sticking well. Applying oil-based paints to the damp or wet surface is not a good idea either. When rain, humidity or any other form of moisture come in contact with the surface through joints, cracked walls and leaking roofs, the paint loses its adhesion making the surface swell. Excess humidity in the room through the exterior walls also causes the paints to peel, if the oil-based paints are used.

Along with the causes, here are the preventive measures to solve the problem of peeling paint. If the exterior moisture is causing the wall paints to peel, you need to take a few measures for your home by using damp proof by Asian Paints Nepal on the walls prior to the painting process, like – seal the open joints and gaps on the exterior of your house, repair the leaking roof, make sure gutters and downspouts are clean, and remove the bushes around your house, especially those that are attached to the walls. If the inner moisture is causing the paint to peel, you can use Damp Block by Asian Paints Nepal on those interior surfaces, especially in the kitchens, bathrooms and laundry room.

After that, start your repainting project. Remove all the old paint with scrapers and wire brush and then, sand all the rough edges on the paint making the surface as smooth as possible. Prime the places if the paint is completely gone. Finish your project with a coat or two of strong paints of Nepal that is water-based and gives strong adhesion, flexibility and allows the humidity in the room to escape without hampering the paint.

So, if you see your paint peeling, make sure that you take right measures with the best paints of Nepal to keep premature peeling off of paint at bay.

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