Painting solution for busy people – Paint Total Service

Have you been thinking of painting your new home or workplace, or even just freshening up the old one but been postponing it due to lack of time? Are you finding yourself busy while your walls desperately call for paints? Are you finding it hard to leave it all to contractors because you are too caught up in your work to monitor them? If your answer is yes, our Paint Total is a service you need available in Nepal.

What is Paint Total Service?

Paint Total Service is a professional and hassle-free end-to-end painting service, especially designed for people with no time to monitor contractors assigned for painting tasks every day.

We know about the difficulties while dealing with local contractors who do not stick to their deadlines and budget. To solve this problem, our Paint Total service is a perfect medium.

We offer you such a hassle-free and professional experience keeping your worries about painter or contractor at bay while ensuring a high-quality job. You may have a question asking “why to use Asian Paints Nepal Paint Total service?”

  1. It is hassle-free, which means you can relax while our professionals complete your work.
  2. It is reliable and trust able.
  3. Our painters are specially trained for the job.
  4. We use mechanized tools to make sure the job completes in time in a dust-free environment.
  5. We do not compromise on quality. We can assure you about that.
  6. Pricing and measurements are transparent, which means you can plan your budget beforehand.
  7. We complete the assigned tasks on time.
  8. We also do pre-site supervision and post-site maintenance and cleaning service

If you want to avail this service, please SMS “EZY” to “36677”. We are available in these cities of Nepal – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Hetauda, Birgunj, Damak, Biratnagar, Butwal, and Itahari.

Go different with dark colors

In our society, we do not prefer darker shades much, especially black, be it clothes or wall colors with a belief that it brings in bad omen. We prefer to go with light and vivid ones. But at this time, when we believe in leaving old beliefs behind, choosing off-white paints for walls have various perks. It can transform the whole look of a room in a snap. Do you need more reasons to go with dark shades in Nepal? Here are more:

  1. Why darker shades?

Dark colors are filled with drama, excitement and comforting energy which is released in the room. Nowadays, lighter shades have become dull and old-fashioned and it never releases the vibe darker hues do. If you happen to be interested in applying darker color after reading this, wait. Do not jump into the strongest shade right away.

  1. How to choose the right shade?

While choosing the shade, think about your current decoration and think which color would fit in there. For indulging darker shades in your place, you have two option, either change the color of the whole wall or the things existing in the room such as curtains, table cloths, etc so you can match it with existing shades.

  1. Ready for a change?

Even a smaller shift in hues can make a huge difference. Opting for darker colors means you are ready for a change breaking free from monochromatic color. If you are up for an extreme change, go all black with darker curtains and dark colored art pieces too, if possible. If not, you can combine black with other lighter color.

Other than black, you can also go with deeper ones like deep blue, green, red, gold and other strong shades to make your abode feel more luxurious and comforting.

Color Nepal

Use of exterior paint colors in Nepal

The exterior of the house is the first thing people see when they visit your house. If you want to make your house look better, freshen up the exteriors by painting it with a decent shade. If you want, you can also scrap off the paint of the other outdoor surfaces such as fences, deck, railings and front gate and paint them fresh. It gives a complete makeover to your house and changes its appearance completely. It especially does wonders if you are planning to sell off your house or gearing up for a festive occasion.asianpaints_wall_apn-exterior-images-07

Firstly, before starting your painting project in Nepal and calculating the painting cost, go around the house, inspect various places and take notes. Write down everything honestly. For the extra help, you can also take a family member with you and ask them to let you know if they see any spot that needs fixation.

As you go around, look for wear and tear of any sort and then think about the products you can use to prevent that next time. There are wide ranges of durable paints available in Nepal that are capable of withstanding any weather conditions and protect the walls by giving your house a bright and fresh look. Not only walls but there are types of paints that even protect wood, aluminum, fiber cement, and ferrous metal.

You also need to focus on gutters, downspouts, railings and decks while inspecting. Examine the windows, entry doors, steps, even metal poles and light fixtures. See if the outdoor furniture, swing sets, picnic table and other outdoor object require fixing, pruning, cutting or painting. Assessing the whole house before painting has its own practical and aesthetic benefits. It offers you a deeper insight in the do’s and don’ts and keeps you from missing any spot.

Jumping into several painting projects in terms of Room makeover at the same time helps you to work faster and make it more cost-efficient as the larger cans of paints can be bought at lower costs. But this doesn’t mean that you will be purchasing cheap paints colors of Nepal. You will just have an advantage of purchasing paint in a larger quantity container at lower per Liter costs. In addition, the same color of paint in several areas give a harmonious look to your home. And painting them whole at the same time makes everything look neat, fresh and well-maintained till you decide that it is time to paint again. Painting with the best wall painting colours wherever possible saves you from painting repeatedly within a short period of time. These paint last for years and keep your house beautiful for a long time pushing your trouble of repainting in Nepal away for many years.

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Asian paints Nepal

Asian Paints Nepal started its operation from 1983.It is the largest paint company in Nepal.Remember us for variety of shades and paints for your wall.

Whether you live in the Kathmandu valley or outside, finding a dealer has become more convenient as its dealers are widespread in all 14 zones from Mechi to Mahakali. You can also find the nearest store around you by clicking on its website:, which in itself is pretty resourceful with expert advice on painting and finding out about the latest trends and fashion for your walls. The “find a store near your home’ option asks you to enter your zone, districts, town and location to help you locate the Asian paints dealer near you and saves you time and energy.

This internationally popular brand with the subsidiary company in India, certified under ISO:9002 and ISO:14001 has been approved by the Nepal Bureau of Standards and is one of the best paints of Nepal. The line of products are free from Lead, Arsenic, Mercury or Chromium or any other harmful elements to the health making it environment-friendly. There is no risk of getting allergies and health hazards caused by the exposure of chemicals.

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