Why to inspect the house properly before buying?

Buying a house is a big decision and an investment of a lifetime. So, before you seal the deal looking at those wall colors, it is must to make sure you’re investing in the right place. It is, however, hard to see problems for a normal buyer and tell setbacks beneath those walls. We cannot tell how the house has been readied. Maybe it was made to live, maybe to sell making a decent impression, or maybe the casual issues are concealed with a temporary fixture. So, before you give away your hard-earned money, you need to consider these in Nepal.

There are two types of issues: One that can be fixed and another that cannot be.

Therefore, inspect it properly. Do not be swayed by attractive wall paints and vibrant shades. There can be bug infestations and mold infections lying in the corner, ready to bring in trouble. If unchecked, it can cost you so much later to get rid of it, not including the tension it brings along. Identify the use of cheap wall paints from stained, peeled and faded surfaces. If figured beforehand, you can ask the seller to fix it before you buy in Nepal.

Also, if the house is older than a couple of decades, there is a risk of exposure to lead and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through old paints. It is not used anymore due to the threat it posed but if we get exposed to it again, it can have negative effects on brain development in children and serious ailments in pregnant women and many more. To protect yourself from that, you can inquire about it from the previous owner and if yes, you can ask them to repaint it.

Above issues can be fixed with little expenses and are considerable. But some issues can affect the lifespan of the house. There can be faulty plumbing and wiring that can turn out to be a major issue later. Or, the cracks and defect being effectively concealed, especially one caused by a major earthquake. Some house may even have a weak base made for selling purpose. These cannot be fixed and puts you under the risk during the major earthquakes and other possible natural calamities.

It is essential to figure it out and dodge buying such houses. If you are not sure of doing it right yourself, you can bring in a structural engineer to check for structural setbacks.

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How to quickly upgrade the exteriors of the home

The first impression is the last impression and in the case of home, it means its exteriors. Even if the perfect shades of wall paints and other factors do not create the last impression just by looking at the exteriors, it definitely creates an impression about what to expect inside, right? So what is the impression are you trying to portray with its exteriors, be it in terms of wall colors or style in Nepal? For the right impression in a quick and easy way, follow these tips.

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  1. Paint the front door

Everyone gets in from the front door and if its paint is chipped or faded, it looks like the whole house is uncared. So, a fresh coat of paint can brighten up its appearance giving a warm welcome to the eyes of visitors.

  1. Paint the trim and shutters

With a fresh coat of paint on trim and shutters, it is possible to not just add style to it but protect it against all types of weather as well.

  1. Refresh the railing’s look

Even if you really manage to keep the overall paint of the house fresh, if the paint on your iron railing is chipping, it is going to make your house look ill-maintained. So, take time to sand and repaint it for polished, inviting, and well-managed look.

  1. Install new number plates

If your house number plates are faded or rusty already, it is time to replace them, not just to improve the look of your house but to make it easier for people to find you as well.

  1. Install new lights

If light fixtures of your home are outdated, consider replacing it with an attractive one. Consult an electrician if the wirings are tricky and if they are not, you can do it yourself easily.

These are not so hard to get done painting and fixing projects. All you need to do is give it some time to give a quick upgrade to the walls and overall look of your home in Nepal.

Three must-have painting tools for beginners

If you are planning to start off with your first DIY project of beautifying your walls with beautiful shades, do not panic with all the tasks you need to get done. It definitely requires a lot of preparation while starting off a painting project, so to ease the process, begin with the list of proper tools with which you can complete the task with little to no stress in Nepal. Read on to find out about three of the essential tools needed to make your painting project a success.Shades Nepal


Drop cloth or tarpaulin

The first thing you need to put in “to buy” list is drop cloth or tarpaulin to cover areas you do not want the paint to stain. You would never know when paint might spill and cleaning it up later can turn out to be the tough task for later. So, while painting, ensure the floors are well covered so that you can just fold up the tarp or drop cloth put it away without any mess.

Painter’s Tape

If you want to get clean straight lines like a professional painter while painting the edges and corners of walls, get a painter tape from your nearest paint dealer. It is the most underrated accessories of a painter in Nepal which gives a professional result without any fear of messing up the lines.

Different types of Brushes

If you are quite unsure about the types of brushes you would need for your paint job, purchase a variety pack containing brushes of different shapes and sizes. It would be annoying if you find out the type of brush you need is missing while you are painting. Be ready with your weapons to overcome all the difficulties of DIY with confidence and readiness.

These three materials are just among the other materials you need to carry out your painting project. You can research the rest according to your needs and choices. Make sure you are fully prepared before commencing it.

Choose the best one from the varieties of shades for your walls

The room automatically looks better when we match it with the walls colors. For that reason, people are getting more inclined to interior designing and are spending more money in beautifying their walls. They want to stand out from the crowd and make people drop their jaw when they see their home. Interior designing, in Nepal, is also about adding new zing to the home environment making home a beautiful place for ourselves where we spend most of our time.

These days, with a lot of options on designing our home, we are getting attracted by the way how simple tweaks can make our space comfortable and beautiful. Along with the interior color, exterior wall painting is also gaining popularity and with wide varieties of product and color available at the paint dealer, it makes it easier to paint different patterns which have become a trend nowadays in Nepal. People are painting their home’s nooks and corners in different shades giving it a different style and a new shine.

Also, some people think that only new home can be painted and modified. But, with changing time, growing technology and skills, remodeling and painting has become much easier and getting popular. People can just remodel and color their old place or rooms as per need and can stun the people with the whole new magnificent look. All you need is to do consult professional advisors who can give you a proper professional advice and help you in to calculate the cost to keep the budget in check.

Even if you are concerned about the budget, try not to buy cheap paints available in the market that looks budget friendly but may not be durable and worth the saving. You can find various ranges of products from expensive to cheap, simple to shiny, as people have a wide range of preferences. Manage your painting budget and dive right in to start painting your walls make sure to not compromise with the quality. And for those who can afford to spend more, obviously get the perks of getting to use high quality paints and designs.

Go grab your painting tools and start working on it and fall in love with the end result making the right choices. Happy painting!



12 ways to make your flawed wall look better (Part – 1)

If there are flaws on the walls, it does not mean you should get rid of the wall, right? However, you can definitely conceal it with your designing skills. Here, we have listed 12 ways you can turn the flaws and awkward position of windows, light bulbs, and other things into beauty with little work, techniques and paints and hide those pesky flaws gracefully in Nepal.

  1. Art Collage

Instead of trying to hide the flaws on the walls, you can distract eyes from it by blending it with art pieces to create an artistic looking wall, like a magician. To blend, hang a collection of framed pieces next to the odd light switches and watch how it loses its awkward look.

  1. Hang frames on a swing arm

You can hide the not so frequently used wall gadgets behind the art pieces, hanging it on a swing arm or a normal hanger putting it convenient enough to reach whatever you are hiding behind whenever needed.

  1. Put a clothing rack on display

Be it to cover the ugly wall colors or to enhance the grandeur of a room, you can add in a shop-style clothing rack available in Nepal that also contributes to solving your storage issues. It is more convenient if you are willing to display your favorite attires while concealing the walls as well.

  1. Use chalkboard paint

If you are planning to paint eggshell wall paints on the dented or damaged walls, don’t, as the gloss only highlights the flaw more. Use matte chalkboard paint to hide the blemishes instead, to give your walls a non-glossy texture that can be bought from the paint dealer near you in Nepal. You can even write fun messages on it to further camouflage the dents and blemishes.

Chalkboard paint should not necessarily be used only in the place with the kids. It can be used in several places to create unique effects.

  1. Put up the long curtains

To hide something big, or an off-center window, hang a long gorgeous ceiling-to-floor drape. It also contributes to beautifying the backdrop of bed or furniture. You do not necessarily need to hide the exact position. Instead, you can divert the attention to drape hanging it in the place where you want to draw it. You can hang it to make the entire wall disappear or fix the asymmetrical window as well.

  1. Fix a plain, bland ceiling

The ceiling is also called “fifth wall” as it has its own value as well as issues. To cover up the damage on the ceilings caused by water leakage or other issues and create a masterpiece, consider applying wooden ceiling panels. However, make sure to fix the damaged areas first.

These are the six ways to turn flaws of walls into beauty. Follow our next article to find six more of them. Also, if you try out these tips, share your experience with us.

If You Spill Paint On Your Clothes

While doing the paint job, not everyone wears old clothes and knows how to take precaution to save it from the spattered paints. Sometimes, even after taking the precautions, you may get drips on your new jeans accidentally or even brush up against the just-painted walls and smudge your favorite clothes. Well, mishaps happen and for that, knowing how to get the paint out of the clothes is essential in Nepal. Here’s how to do it right.

  1. Act quick

Stains of any kind are easy to remove when they are fresh. Therefore, to remove it, the first step is to take an immediate action which deals with the half of the problem. The longer you take more difficult the stain becomes to remove it.

  1. Know the types of paint

The ways of cleaning the paint depends on its type which means you have to identify the type of paint first. Compared to oil-based paint, water based paint is much easier to clean, but on the other hand, oil-based paint stays wet longer, giving you more time to get rid of it.

While buying the paint, it is best to take precautions and buy the things needed to clean up the mess earlier which includes cleaning supplies so that you can clean the stains in time. Also, check the labels of clothing to make sure the chemicals are good to use in it.

  1. Water-based paint

To remove the water-based paint stains, Isopropyl alcohol is effective which you are likely to have at home. You can also buy from the paint dealer near you. First, clean the stain with soap and warm water. If you are washing the stained clothes immediately, you can remove most of the wall paints just with it in Nepal. Next, pour alcohol on the stained area and scrub using an old toothbrush. Once the stain gets off the clothes, rinse it again and let it dry. If the alcohol does not work, try doing same with nail polish remover.

  1. Oil-based paint

Oil-based paints are trickier to remove from clothes, but not impossible. However, you need to harness yourself with safety precautions like wearing eyeglasses, gloves, and a respirator before you start working on it. Also, make sure that the place you are working is well-ventilated as the oil-based paint removers are flammable.

Next, scan the paint can label and find out which solvent is appropriate for the cleanup. Mineral spirits are normally used for the purpose. Before applying it, soak the excess paint with the paper towel, turn the clothes inside out and work from the underside of the stain. Then, place some paper napkins underneath the stain while carefully pouring the solvent so it can absorb it. Next, dab the opposite side of the stain with a cotton ball or swab to transfer the paint onto the paper napkins. Repeat it after replacing the napkins until there are no more stains and wash it according to its label instructions. Make sure to remove the solvents properly as the solvent is flammable.

Have you tried these paint color stains removing tips in Nepal? What do you think about it? Share your views with us in comments.

Wall painting Nepal: getting it right

Do you want to paint your wall with paints in professional manner, benchmarking the ones created by professionals in Nepal? Who doesn’t, right? For that, all you need to do is follow these must-dos and your painting project can be a grand success.

Choose the right color

The main and important part of painting is choosing the right color. If you are not sure about the right color, then visit the nearest paint dealer of Nepal and get a sample of your chosen color. Apply it on a small surface or board to see how it looks in the room at different times of the day.

Get your tools ready

Gear yourself up with all the tools you need for your painting project that includes brushes, rollers, paint tray, painter’s tape, paint can, can opener, paint thinner, drop cloths, screwdriver, hammer and ladder. Arrange your brushes and rollers on the paint tray and also make sure they are clean and good to use. Choose perfect rollers and brushes according to the thickness of paint and texture of the walls. Brushes with angled tips are perfect for applying on and around trim.

Calculate the amount of paint required

Make a prior estimate of wall paints that you may require and purchase accordingly from your nearest dealer in Nepal.  Do not mix all the paint that you have purchased at once.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that support your mobility and enable you to reach those high and tricky spots.

Surface prepping

Prepare surface as well as the room for painting. Remove all the decorations and frames off the walls in a box and place in it the other room. Move the furniture to the middle of the room, so that they do not touch the walls or create obstacles while painting. Tape off molding and put the drop cloths on the floor to prevent paints from dropping on the floor. Remove all detachable hardware such as doorknobs and switches and put them in the bag to avoid misplacing it.

Priming (Don’t miss it)

Do not miss priming the walls so as to attain a flawless surface to be painted upon for your room in Nepal. Also, it is necessary to conceal the previously painted wall color, especially if you are changing the color to something more contrasting. Apply a single coat of primer and two coats of the best paints option available to you in Nepal.

Packing up

After the painting is done, store the leftover paint in a can or containers with a proper lid and label mentioning the color code and brand name. Also, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the brushes and rollers for future use.

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